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Jim Webb


Jim Webb’s voice is widely known in the mountains from his poetry, columns, plays, activism and work at Appalshop’s WMMT-FM. He holds a BA (Biology) from Berea College and an MA (English) from Eastern Kentucky University. Webb is a founding member of the Tug Valley Recovery Center and the Southern Appalachian Writers Cooperative (SAWC). A legendary swarper (and the World’s Greatest Flutophone Player), he is the Founding Publisher & Editor of SAWC’s literary magazine, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel. His work has appeared in Appalachian Journal, Aurora, Reck, The Sandy New Era, Strokes, Red Crow, Mucked (co-editor) and a chapbook, Buzzsaws in the Rain(1999). His book, Get In, Jesus, a collection of poetry and prose is forthcoming. Webb operates a private campground, Wiley’s Last Resort, where the Pine Mountain Trail meets the Little Shepherd Trail atop Pine Mountain near Whitesburg, Kentucky. Wiley’s Last Resort plays host to concerts, Magic Bus Tours, the Summer SAWC Writers Retreat, and the Annual Pine Mountain Tacky Lawn Ornament and Pink Flamingo Soiree.