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Lives of the Poem


SAWC member, Dick Hague, has just released Lives of the Poem It can be ordered on Amazon.

Dick Hague writes,

“My purpose in Lives of the Poem is to celebrate with teachers, students, readers, and writers of poetry the proposition that poems are living things. And because they are living things, the same degree of attentiveness and the same diligence and tolerance and creativity necessary to establishing and maintaining human friendships are necessary to develop ing a friendship with poetry. To illustrate the complex ities of the lives of poems, I record in this book much of what in others goes unrecorded. This is a collection of poems, but it is also a running commentary on the conception, gestation, birth, and socializing of the poems and of the ever-widening circle of friends and associates and supporters?and occasional enemies?of the poem and the poet. Under other circum stances, critics and reviewers and interviewers and biographers do much of this work; in this case, the poems and the poet do it. The model in the back of my mind is Frost’s “Education By Poetry,” a concept with much to recommend it.”

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