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Dana Wildsmith’s new book



Iris Press

Available from the press and from Amazon

Dana Wildsmith has one of the most authentic and memorable voices in contemporary poetry. She speaks in lines natural as this morning, yet exact in phrase and cadence, wise, and without illusion, of the values we aspire to in love and work and the cycles of rural life. One Good Hand is a poet’s calendar, an almanac of seasons and growth, kinship and community. Wildsmith is at her best celebrating sweat, the affection of dogs, the risks of being silly in love. “Shaping the future that remembers the past”, she evokes a South where Hispanics and Asians, poets and farmers, struggle with new languages and translations. These poems summon up the pleasures in language and time and work, and honor the memory of the beloved poet Jim Wayne Miller. Each poem is an occasion of connection, recognition.

Robert Morgan
Author of Gap Creek and The Strange Attractor

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